I read the story of a young boy, who had reached the age where having a watch made life worth living, and he bugged his parents to get him one. He was told he would have to wait until he was older. But he continued to beg for one until his whole family was sick of it. His father finally laid down the law and told him he would get one later, but for now he was not to even mention the subject again. The next Sunday, as was the custom, each child in the family read a Bible verse at the dinner table. When it came to Edward’s turn, this was the verse he chose to read-“What I say unto you, I say unto all: Watch!” For every rule there is some way to get around it, and here was a lad who found a way to even use the Bible to disobey his parents.

According to Glenn Pease, most of us can identify with him, for we have had an obsession with getting something, and we could not rest until we got it. This puts our patience (ability to suffer long) to the test, and we realize it is no easy virtue to achieve-this ability to wait for what we want with a calm and undisturbed spirit in the face of obstacles and delays. In our age of instant gratification, nobody enjoys waiting for satisfaction, but God demands that His children learn to discipline their desires, and to persevere and not give up because they do not reach their goals as soon as they hoped. Shakespeare said, “How poor are they who have not patience. What wound did ever heal but by degrees?” Waiting and persevering are a part of God’s plan for His people, and those who can’t endure this part of it miss out on God’s best. The Bible is constantly urging Christians to look at life long range. Job is the greatest example of patience because he was able to endure and persevere. He did not give up even though all the evidence seemed to support that he should. He had the fruit of patience, and held on to see a happy ending to a very difficult story. All’s well that ends well is the message, and all is guaranteed to end well for those who wait on the Lord, and never give up, but let patience be their guide.

So are you currently in a situation like that of Edward above, I encourage you to keep waiting on the LORD, don’t rush. God will answer you in His own time. Remember that you can’t exhibit this fruit of the Spirit on your own, do you lack the ability to suffer long? Come to the LORD this moment and HE will grant you the grace to be patient? Shalom.



Hello! I am Emmanuel Omenayam Ashibuogwu, but you can call me SALT. I am a Christian writer and lover of youths. My passion is to see God's word transform lives. Time management, personal development and purposeful living are my core interests. My goal for writing is not literary or artistic achievement, but to promote spiritual fruitfulness and an irresistible devotion to our purpose for being on this earth. I am a graduate of the prestigious University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria. A geographer and Urban Planner by profession. I can act different roles in dramas (I hope you are not surprised… lol, well that’s a story for another day). I love to teach and mentor youths through His grace; I am also good at marketing. I advertise, write and of course, PRAY! I would love to meet you all as your lives are being touched for the better, but if we never meet, I pray that my writing would impart vision to your heart, while strengthening your foundation in Christ. See you at the top! You are welcome to my world!!!


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