I lost my watch

Written by Fortune Jacob

I watched from the corner of the blanket as my husband tossed from side to side muttering to himself words too silent for me to hear. I looked at the clock it was 2 am, and he hasn’t slept. This has been the trend since 4 days ago after he visited his friend pastor Leke. For 4 days he has been sullen and restless.

Yesterday the rent was due, and only part payment was offered.

Today, the children school fees was requested again. One more week and the kids will be sent home. That was the verdict of the school.

My business was not moving like before, I had not restocked my goods in over 8 months.

We were pressed on every side.

The bed squeaked for the umpteenth time, I lost count of how many times it had made that annoying sound, simply because my husband could not stay still.

When I slept off, I couldn’t tell, but I woke up from a revelation and it was direct like nothing I had seen before. I looked at the time.

4:30 am.

My husband?

Soundly asleep.

I picked up my bible, careful not to disturb him, he needed that sleep. I tiptoed to the living room. It was time to meet with God. I was left to wrestle with Him.

By day break, I now had an idea of what was going on and I knew I had to speak with my husband, but how do I start?

I knocked on his study door, entering before any answer came, he had his bible open before him but was too distracted to even notice my presence.

Tapping his shoulders, I knelt before him, praying for the right words to speak.

He was surprised for there was no quarrel the night before or argument that needed settling.
With a confused look he asked

“Are you okay?
Why are you kneeling down?”

Taking his hands in mine I began

“My priest and crown, my love and confidant, I couldn’t not ask for a better man for God gave me the best man ever. I am happy to walk side by side with you as we make our heavenward journey. I have no regrets since the day I said ‘I do’. For God has shown His faithfulness over and over again.
I am happy that you are God’s servant but most importantly His child. I hear you pray each day “make me a man after your heart, let my gaze be on you”.
And God had been upholding you even in the midst of the storms. You have been an example to me, the kids and others. Even now I see the kids look to you daily happy that they have a leader to guide them through life.
But recently I have looked into your eyes and I see a man that’s getting weary, I see your back bending and I see you stretching your hands towards men. I see you taking your gaze off the Savior to look at your watch, only to discover that it no longer works. Your watch is dead.
Honey, I hear you asking the Lord each day, “Just when?”

“And his every reply?
At the right time.”

“You have waited and prayed for that right time only to discover that you have to wait some more. Now, you are fed up and you’ve decided that since the Lord is too slow concerning His promises, you will just borrow the next available watch.”

“You have even gone ahead to make appointments with Pastor Leke your lost and found old seminary friend. Who has all in abundance.”

“Yesterday night, the Lord gave you three verses and specifically told you that your alliance will take you farther away from the promised blessings. It was unlike you who would immediately wake me up for us to pray about that revelation.”

“The Lord said he hasn’t forgotten you, he said he is not through with you that when he is done trying you. You will come forth as gold.”

Tears were flowing as I continued…

Adekunle Ayodele, the Lord says to you “lose your watch and let Him do the checking.”

“Take your eyes off the clock and let Him do the timing. He wants you to trust that he never leaves any project unfinished. Because faithful is He who has called you who also will do it.”

“You have waited too much, too long. You cannot afford to leave now.”

By this time my husband was crying and knelt beside me.

“Ife mi” he sobbed,

“it will be foolish to ask how you knew about the revelation the Lord showed me.”

“I got tired of waiting, tired of calling, tired of requesting. I felt he only answers when I call him on behalf of others, as soon as I come for myself or my family, He shuts the door. I decided to approach Leke and indeed borrow his watch.”

“I need help, I need His mercies.
Thank you for praying for me, for standing in the gap.”

We held our hands together and prayed. The earth shook and heaven listened as we lost our watches to the Savior’s clock.


Waiting is never an easy task. You know when you start but don’t know how long you will be there.


While you wait, the master is pruning, he is grooming and he is making your life an edifice for His glory.

Whether you are waiting for that job, or child, or spouse, or employment. Waiting for healing or progress, as long as there is no sin and you are living in righteousness. Then hear this:

“Weeping may endure for a while but joy comes in the morning
The Lord is not slack concerning his promises….
Faithful is he that promised, who also will do it.”

While you wait, please loose your watch to the Savior’s clock.

He will come through for you.


Hello! I am Emmanuel Omenayam Ashibuogwu, but you can call me SALT. I am a Christian writer and lover of youths. My passion is to see God's word transform lives. Time management, personal development and purposeful living are my core interests. My goal for writing is not literary or artistic achievement, but to promote spiritual fruitfulness and an irresistible devotion to our purpose for being on this earth. I am a graduate of the prestigious University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria. A geographer and Urban Planner by profession. I can act different roles in dramas (I hope you are not surprised… lol, well that’s a story for another day). I love to teach and mentor youths through His grace; I am also good at marketing. I advertise, write and of course, PRAY! I would love to meet you all as your lives are being touched for the better, but if we never meet, I pray that my writing would impart vision to your heart, while strengthening your foundation in Christ. See you at the top! You are welcome to my world!!!

2 thoughts on “I lost my watch

  1. Hmm, He has answered my early morning request today. Oh my God.

    God bless this vessel. Thank You Father. I lost my watch and will keep waiting for Your time, which is right.


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